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  • How to work a litigation funder

    Why is customer service an anathema in the third-party litigation funding (TPLF) industry, viewed as some “thing” that matters only when eating out in a restaurant, buying a car or staying at a hotel? We hear lots of consultant-inspired corporate tag lines (“internationally recognised”, “global force”, “market leading”, “strong track record”, “in-house underwriting capabilities”, to … Continue reading How to work a litigation funder

  • Is this the end of the road for ALF?

    A question few funders dare ask openly, given the obvious risk of excommunication, but one which is impossible to ignore, given the deafening whispers reverberating in the industry’s corridors since 10 February 2020.

  • Is litigation funding expensive?

    No commercial litigation solicitor bats an eyelid to the principle of a 100% uplift in a conditional fee agreement (CFA). They are taking the risk of losing all their work in progress if the case is unsuccessful and a 100% uplift is just reward.