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Whilst most funding and insurance products have been designed with the claimant in mind, there are solutions that can be applied to defence situations. As with claimant cases, it is important to consider whether the aim is to relieve the cash flow burden of paying the legal fees in defending the claim, or whether the key objective is to ring fence the business’ liability to a fixed sum for budgeting purposes or to appease shareholder concerns about the potential of a catastrophic loss. Continue reading

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We are five months into the compulsory electronic bill of costs and so far all is quiet. Obviously it will take time before cases affected by the change hit the courts, but research undertaken by the Association of Costs Lawyers has shown that many solicitors and judges were not ready for the new bill when it became compulsory in April, and few are keen on it now. Continue reading

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The European Commission (Commission) has proposed a series of measures to improve the EU Service Regulation (the Regulation) and bring it into the digital age. At first glance, the Commission’s proposals look straightforward and sensible. Communications and the transmission of documents between authorities should, of course, be made electronically, as is proposed. Likewise, it should be possible, after the commencement of legal proceedings, for the addressee to consent to being served by email, as is also proposed. Continue reading