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In Phonographic Performance v Abimbola Balogun t/a Mama Africa, Miss Penelope Reed QC (sitting in the High Court) determined the defendant’s appeal of Master Price’s refusal to set aside a summary judgment against him. The claim was brought by Phonographic Performance for infringement of copyright – Mr Balogun having allowed DJs to play music at private parties on his restaurant premises. Continue reading

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The question of whether a reduction in hourly rates for incurred costs is a good reason to do the same to budgeted costs is a big one at the moment, absent higher court authority. Recently, Master Rowley in the Senior Courts Costs Office (SCCO) had his say, and joined what seems to be the majority view among judges to date that it is not. Continue reading

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It isn’t often that a fight over £12,000 makes it all the way to Parliament Square and even less so that it leads to the resolution of a fundamental issue in the law of contract, not to mention the frequency with which a lead decision is delivered in fewer than 20 paragraphs. However, Rock Advertising Ltd v MWB Business Exchange Centres Limited was just such a case. Continue reading


The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into force tomorrow, 25 May 2018. Setting aside the work that law firms will have to undertake to ensure that they are compliant with the GDPR themselves, I foresee a number of significant impacts for dispute resolution lawyers.

I have touched upon this already, as part of a collective contribution to yesterday’s blog post. Below, I set out in full what I think these impacts are likely to be. Continue reading