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CPRC Snippets: May 2017

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The Law Society believes the legal sector of England and Wales underpins the UK economy. At the time of writing, a period of political uncertainty, together with Brexit negotiations becoming the priority of government, seem likely to scupper the Law Society’s vision for law and justice becoming a reality during the life of this Parliament. Continue reading

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Surprised? Why? Surely you should have seen something unexpected coming. After all, it was only a matter of months ago that the USA delivered a shock result: Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway wrongly declared that La La Land had won the Academy Award for Best Picture at this year’s Oscars. Now we must reflect in the Moonlight for what the UK General Election 2017 means for dispute resolution practitioners. In spite of the otherwise uncertain result, there are a number of things we can probably expect. Continue reading

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The legal maxim “hard cases make bad law” is attributed to US Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendall Holmes and has proved to be every bit as durable as its author (Holmes fought for the North in the American Civil War and retired from the bench 70 years later in 1932 aged 90!). In Hyde v Milton Keynes Hospital NHS Trust, Davis LJ referred to it when giving the judgment of the court: having commented that the NHS Trust’s case could “… scarcely appeal to any sense of the merits”, he declined to accept the outcome urged on him by its counsel, that to dismiss the NHS Trust’s appeal would be to make bad law simply because its case was “hard” (as in distinctly unattractive). Continue reading