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  • Fixed costs and offshoring

    The Master of the Rolls, giving the Lord Slynn Memorial Lecture on 14 June 2017, had this to say about the effect of electronic filing and online courts:

  • Fixed costs and the Bar

    It is accepted by solicitors and the Bar alike that, as fixed fees are introduced, solicitors become more reluctant to instruct counsel, on the basis that they feel that they are spending their own money, rather than incurring a disbursement, which is then recoverable from the other side in the event of success.

  • What will happen to the Prisons and Courts Bill?

    The general election has caused the Prisons and Courts Bill to be lost, as there was insufficient time for it to get through all of its Parliamentary stages before the dissolution of Parliament at midnight on 2 May.

  • Part 36 and fixed costs

    Practitioners will be familiar with the basic concept of Part 36 and the consequences that flow from that rule.