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The Practical Law Dispute Resolution team is very pleased to announce a brand new Practical Law Dispute Resolution blog.

As an extension to the Practical Law Dispute Resolution service, the blog will be a place to share views and raise questions about recent legal developments and interesting legal points of significance to litigators.

We are delighted to be able to launch our new blog with an interview with Sir Vivian Ramsey, who was a High Court judge and the judge in charge of the TCC before recently joining the Singapore International Commercial Court. We are publishing this insight into Sir Vivian’s fascinating life and views in three separate blog posts this week, the first published today.

We hope that you will share your views on any of the subjects we cover. At the bottom of each blog post you will find a comment box. Just fill in your name and email address (which won’t be published), add your comment and click “post comment”.


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