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Substituting parties after limitation period ends: AIG Europe Ltd v McCormick Roofing Ltd and another

In AIG Europe Ltd v McCormick Roofing Ltd and another, the High Court provided valuable guidance on how and when the court has jurisdiction to substitute one named claimant for another after the end of a limitation period. In so doing, it has suggested that CPR 19.5(3)(b) may occupy a more significant position than has hitherto been assumed.

The Ingenious Litigation: guidance on the costs position in funded group litigation, and in particular the security available from a commercial funder

“Tax doesn’t have to be taxing.” HMRC. “The taxman’s taken all my dough.” The Kinks. The claimants in the Ingenious Litigation contend that Ray Davies had it right, and that they weren’t warned that this might be the case.