Posts by Marion Smith KC

  • Witness evidence: what’s new in 2022

    Over a year in, there has been guidance emerging from the courts, at first instance, as to the approach to taking witness statements under the new PD 57AC. There are five key points that are worth highlighting.

  • Get back: disallowing non-party costs order in Sony/ATV v WPMC

    The Court of Appeal’s decision in Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC v WPMC Ltd and another highlights the importance of warning a non-party at the earliest opportunity of the possibility that a costs application may be made against it. The sound of silence was fatal to such an application in Sony.

  • Conditional expertise: Gardiner & Theobald LLP v Jackson

    The decision in Gardiner & Theobald LLP v Jackson is useful for anyone considering retaining an expert on a “no win, no fee basis” in civil litigation, as it sheds further light on the concerns the courts will have when asked to allow such an arrangement.