Posts by Claire Kitchen

  • Limitation period applies to enforcement of Tomlin orders

    The case of Bostani and others v Pieper and another related to the enforcement of a Tomlin order which had been previously entered into by the parties. The court was asked to decide whether the Limitation Act 1980 applied to such agreements. Jacobs J heard the application of the claimants on 4 March 2019.

  • Access to court documents by a non-party

    The case of R (on the application of British American Tobacco (UK) Limited) v Secretary of State for Health discussed CPR 5.4C(2) and the case law surrounding this discrete area of practice.

  • Committal for contempt

    The recent case of Barclay v Tuck discussed the settled principles that a court has to consider when an application for committal is made. Spencer J heard the case on 14 May 2018.