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  • Duty calls

    For all its undoubted legal and practical significance, the recent Court of Appeal case of Ashraf v Lester Dominic and others  is not a great advertisement for the human condition. It involves not just one but two property frauds, both suffered by an unfortunate gentleman called Mr Ul Haq. (Things did not get better for … Continue reading Duty calls

  • The Marex tort

    I doubt there is a word to describe the joy of discovering a tort you have not heard of before (five possible words are “need to get out more”), but if there is, I experienced it recently. The tort in question is the snappily-named “inducing or procuring another to act in wrongful violation of rights … Continue reading The Marex tort

  • Limitation difficulties

    A recent case of mine caused me to look again at the case of Dobbie v Medway Health Authority and left me wondering how the law of limitation could have compelled the result it did.